The figures behind the teams in the BetPlay League

The figures behind the teams in the BetPlay League

The ball is about to roll in the courts of the Colombian soccer with the start of the BetPlay League next January 24.

And while the expectations macroeconomic point out that it will be a complex year for the homes ColombiansDue to the high prices, the passion for football remains.

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But before hearing the initial whistle, it is worth analyzing the figures of the leading teams in the Colombian professional soccerand the movements that have sounded in recent weeks.

For example, the arrival of the player Juan Fernando Quintero to Junior from Barranquillahas unleashed the ‘Juanfermanía’, which was reflected in the sale of subscriptions.

According to a publication in the newspaper El Heraldo, “From the arrival of the talented creative flyer, season ticket sales woke up and is advancing at a good pace. From less than a thousand, before being officially announced as a shark player (on Friday, January 13 at noon), he went to 12,000 ”highlighted the regional media.

This new signing of Junioraccording to experts, is emerging as one of the great contracts of the season and of the recent history of national football, In addition, there are those who have compared Quintero’s return to the country with the return of Carlos ‘El Pibe’ Valderrama in the 1990s.

According to data from the portal transfer markt.coQuintero, at 30 years old, would have a market valuation of 3.5 million euro.

Another of the important moves is the arrival of the central defender Cristián Zapata to the National Athletic.

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36-year-old Zapata comes to reinforce the purslane team, after playing two World Cups with the Colombia selection and to go through it football European by teams like Villareal from Spain and Milan from Italy.

The defender from Padilla, Cauca, according to the portal, is valued at €275,000.

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But although this signing is one of the most important in the transfer market, it has not been significant for the clubsince according to the most recent cut of the team (January 13, 2023) 10,000 subscribers were reported, Somewhat low numbers for a team which has been characterized by a massive attendance by its fans.

On the side of the capital teams highlights the arrival of Leonardo Castro to millionaires.

The 30-year-old striker, who has a market value of one million euros, came to add value to the team, which today, according to data from the portalis the club with the highest market value in the countrywith 26.70 million euros, well above the market value of teams like Nacional (22.93 million) and Junior de Barranquilla (22.08 million euros).

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It is noteworthy that other of the players who entered to reinforce the list of Millionaires were Daniel Giraldo, Jorge Arias, Fernando Uribe and Leonardo Castro. At a press conference, Alberto Gamero, technician of millionairespointed out that he was very happy with the new figures that come to reinforce the team.

“I am very happy and calm with the new hires. We have a good team to compete. Now we need to play, without a doubt we have a good level and we hope to achieve our objectives “Gamero noted.

It should be noted that, as of January 20, Millionaires had registered 11,435 subscribers.

For his part, Santa Fe was not far behind in terms of important signings either, since the player Hugo Rodallega He will be on the squad for the capital team this season.

According to the platform, the Valle del Cauca striker has a market value of 200,000 euros.

Regarding subscribers of the ‘león’ team, at the end of January 19, 2,700 were reported subscribers.

To close the big contracts this seasonthe figure of Carlos Darwin Quintero stands out in the Cali America.

The 35-year-old striker arrives for strengthen the red team. According to the portal, the player from Tumaqueño has a market value of 300,000 euro.

Regarding subscribers, with a report as of January 11, the America of Cali reported 2,648 subscribers.

It is noteworthy that in the group of equipment with the highest number of subscribers to date, there are Deportivo Independiente Medellinwith 14,377 subscribers and Once Caldas with 11,012 subscribers.


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