'The figures are not what patients see daily': Ministry of Health

‘The figures are not what patients see daily’: Ministry of Health

Carolina Corkthe minister of Health and Social Protectionparticipated in the public hearing on the health reform that was brought forward in arauca. There, the portfolio manager mentioned that “a social and democratic State of law must allow people to be equal in the health system“.

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Additionally, the minister added that These changes should not generate fears, but opportunities for change.

To which he added that primary health care, one of the great bets of the government project that is now dying, “it is not only for rural and dispersed areas, but a universal proposal, because human rights are universal“.

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He also mentioned that “the rest is how you pay and that is where they want to focus the discussion“. In fact, this is not a minor issue for experts in the sector, unions and politicians, because “would jeopardize the fiscal capacity of the health system“.

Even, Bruce Macmaster, president of Andi, He mentioned that with the reform there was a risk of “generate a blackout in the Colombian health system“.

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Carolina Corcho reiterated in the $23 trillion EPS debtwhich are at the center of discussion, because in the Executive’s initiative they want to subtract functions such as: insurance, which according to Fedevelopment, This is what has allowed the current health system to have 93% coverage in rural areas and 95% in urban areas.

I want to make a call for the people to learn to change“Said the head of the Health portfolio. To which she added that”what is being proposed is nothing different from what was requested in 1991: that everyone should have rights“.

The minister closed her speech by saying that there is an environment in which, through the media, things are being decided on the bill: “The constitutional and legal procedure must be done in Congress, in the midst of its independence“.

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