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The FGR rejects taking Pío López Obrador to trial, due to lack of elements

Edward Murillo

Newspaper La Jornada
Tuesday, October 25, 2022, p. 8

Due to the lack of sufficient elements to bring the case to trial, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) determined not to exercise criminal action against Pío López Obrador, brother of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, as well as David León Romero , former Coordinator of Civil Protection, who were investigated for alleged electoral crimes. With this determination the matter is definitively closed.

The Special Prosecutor’s Office for Electoral Crimes made the request to close the case before the judge of the case through a brief presented by the agent of the Federal Public Ministry Héctor Sánchez Zaldívar. The text indicates that the Prosecutor’s Office decided to definitively archive the investigation folder FED/FEPADE/FEPADECDMX/0000380/2020.

The legal basis for this decision is section II of article 327 of the National Code of Criminal Procedures, where it is allowed to dismiss, that is, to declare without matter, trials where there are no elements to prove a crime.

Last June, the FGR analyzed the possibility of not exercising criminal action in this case; however, on that occasion, the general legal director for electoral crimes asked to delay the decision exhausting all lines of investigation, which finally happened.

The seventh district judge for amparo in criminal matters in Mexico City, Julio Veredín Sena Velázquez, ordered the Public Ministry agent in charge of this investigation, who had to determine it immediately, indicating the sanctions that this representation could incur. social, in the event that he fails to comply with said orderreported the FGR.

Pío López and David León appeared to testify before the specialized prosecutor’s office, the former even obtained a copy of the investigation folder, which he voluntarily delivered to the National Electoral Institute that required it, in a chapter of this litigation that reached the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

The case began with the dissemination of videos where Pío López was seen receiving paper bags, presumably with money.

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