The FGR investigates the leaked audios of Alejandro Moreno, leader of the PRI

The FGR investigates the leaked audios of Alejandro Moreno, leader of the PRI

Last week, the National Electoral Institute (INE) opened an investigation into the alleged irregular financing that the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) would have had in the Campeche campaigns in 2021, a case triggered as a result of the leaked audios in which the leader of that party, Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, admitted the “tray pass” with businessmen.

In the first leaked audio, the PRI alluded to the alleged payment of 5 million dollars to the Spanish electoral strategist Antonio Solá for campaigns during the 2021 electoral process in Campeche, an entity that Moreno Cárdenas governed and Sansores won.

In the second recording, the tricolor leader allegedly talks about private contributions to the PRI for 25 million pesos from the Cinépolis company -a firm that flatly denied these donations-, and in the third, released on Tuesday, May 24, expressions were revealed that the leader of the tricolor would have carried out against journalists.

“Journalists should not be shot to death, they should be starved to death,” Moreno Cárdenas, also a federal deputy, was allegedly heard saying, who denied having made those expressions that sparked the controversy.

It was as a result of this last audio that the PRI leader came out to defend himself because, he assured, there is espionage against him, but the audios were “trickled” with the aim of undermining the electoral alliance of the PRI, National Action (PAN) and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD).

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