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The FdT gathered signatures in support of the project that recovers funds to pay the IMF

The FdT gathered signatures in support of the project that recovers funds to pay the IMF

Photo: Press.

In a day held throughout the country, the Frente de Todos obtained in just one day more than 150,000 signatures in support of the initiative that proposes that the funds be used to pay the debt taken by the macrismo in 2018.

Under the slogan “That the debt be paid by those who escaped it”, thousands of militants resorted to flyers, signature tables, posters and graffiti throughout the country.

The project, presented by the ruling senator, Oscar Parrilli, has already obtained an opinion in the lower house and could reach the precinct in the coming weeks, where Together for Change has already announced that it will oppose it.

“It is those who escaped money from the country who must contribute 20% of their undeclared assets in dollars,” the organizers of the conference said in a statement and stated that “in addition, to carry out this Fund, it is proposed to lift banking secrecy of the law of financial entities that was imposed in the last military dictatorship”.

Photo: Victoria Egurza

In addition, they celebrated “the good repercussion of the initiative that seeks that the debt is not paid by the Argentine people.”

Last Thursday, the interbloc of senators from the Frente de Todos received in the Senate the support of the political parties that make up the government coalition to advance in the debate on the bill that creates a fund with money that has escaped from the country for the payment of debt to the IMF.

The initiative, which obtained an opinion a day earlier, establishes that the money escaped abroad by Argentines will be used to meet the obligations contracted by the government of former President Mauricio Macri in 2018.

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