The FCN is born: it will promote a single candidacy in 2024 with primary elections

The FCN is born: it will promote a single candidacy in 2024 with primary elections

A minute of silence for the Jesuit Fathers

With a minute of silence in memory of the murdered Jesuit priests in Chihuahua, Javier Campos, “El Gallo”, and Joaquín César Mora Salazar, “El Morita”, as well as the 12 journalists murdered so far this year, Acosta Naranjo welcomed the 32 FCN delegations throughout the country.

Acosta Naranjo clarified that the next step is to set up delegations in the 300 most important cities in the country, since the objective of the Front is to convene a citizen summit in which, in addition to extending a hand to all the opposition parties, it contributes to defeating abstentionism. in 2024.

“The aim is to abandon this stale presidential system and move towards a coalition government. Enough of the messiahs who always want more power!” exclaimed the former legislator at the meeting held at the Expo Reforma, recognizing that the unity of the parties is essential, but not enough.

He asked the political parties “to open their doors and windows so that fresh air can enter, to clean the environment, to get closer to the citizens and listen to them sincerely, not just to cover the file.”

PAN senator Gustavo Madero Muñoz indicated that the Front, in addition to seeking to form a central progressive coalition government that “saves the country, proposes to “build solutions, not restore an indefensible past.”

“Today, July 2, we are not celebrating what happened four years ago (Morena’s victory in the presidential elections), but what is going to happen in 2024 (the victory of a coalition government,” he said, making it clear that the FCN he is not coming to support any candidate.

The event was attended by the former ambassador of Mexico in Cuba, Ricardo Pascoe; the former PRD deputy Carlos Navarrete; former legislator Rosario Guerra, promoter of the FCN; the experredista Fernando Belanzaurán; the former mayor of Mérida, Ana Rosa Payán, in addition, the PAN member Adriana Dávila, former candidate for the national leadership of that party, among others.



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