The FA reaffirms democracy, freedom, human dignity and equality 49 years after the coup


49 years after the dissolution of the legislative chambers and the formal beginning of the civic-military dictatorship, the Broad Front recalled the resistance of the people in the example of two fighters in Nueva Helvecia.

In this framework, this Monday morning a tribute was held at the monument that remembers Nibia Sabalsagaray, a social activist tortured and murdered during the dictatorship.

Also, in the act the street was called “Rear Admiral Oscar Lebel”, in recognition of a Democrat who faced the coup d’état on June 27, 1973, recalls the FA.

“We leave a flower before these signifiers in the unavoidable popular struggle, for those men and women, from the most diverse political backgrounds, whose organized struggle sustained the worthy and convinced opposition, with the sole purpose of safeguarding inalienable rights,” said the president. of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, in the statement.

“In the memory of Nibia Sabalsagaray and Oscar Lebel and their courage for the resistance, our commitment and tireless work for memory, truth and Justice: Never again State terrorism!”, expressed the FA.

Photo: FA.
Photo: FA.

General strike

Likewise, the Human Rights Commission of the Broad Front issued a statement to commemorate the 49th anniversary of the beginning of the General Strike of the National Workers’ Convention (CNT), in resistance to the institutional breakdown.

In this sense, the Broad Front recognizes and honors those who bravely and decisively faced the 1973 coup d’état, who “from different partisan political options risked their lives for freedom and democracy, who for 12 years faced the terror and managed to recover democracy.”

“In particular, we salute each front wing member who, together with the Central de Trabajadores CNT, supported the General Strike as an immediate response of resistance,” indicates the FA Human Rights Commission.

In the declaration it is expressed that they symbolize in the figure of the founder of the FA, Líber Seregni, “all the victims who by tens of thousands flooded the political prisons, exile and death, which multiply in the pain of their families and the people who shared their friendship and militancy.”

The FA assures that the full effect of social and cultural repression, economic plunder and generalized impunity for crimes still persists in society. “198 compañeras and compañeros are still detained and disappeared, with few lines written by surviving victims who, with their testimony, recount part of the truth of what happened. The final steps are still kidnapped by the perpetrators.”

“We commit ourselves with all our strength and conviction, because memory strengthens democracy and frees us. The search for equal opportunities, the guarantees to exercise rights and the defense and promotion of human rights are the guides of our permanent political action. We reaffirm democracy and freedom, human dignity and equality, for this we fight for this we live”, proclaimed the FA

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