El  Ejecutivo retira proyecto en contra del ciberdelito

The Executive withdraws project against cybercrime

Santo Domingo.-The Legal Advisor of the Executive Branch reported last night that, on the instructions of President Luis Abinader, the project against cybercrime was withdrawn from the Chamber of Deputies.

Antoliano Peralta said that the decision was made with the purpose of facilitating the work that the Consultative Commission will carry out to review and update the legislation on freedom of expression.

The bill had been sent to the National Congress through message number 13818, dated June 14, 2022, the Presidency refers in the communication in which it reports the decision of the Executive Power in relation to the bill against cybercrime .

Through decree 333-22, dated the 23rd, President Abinader created an honorary consultative commission to present a draft law for the purpose of updating the current legislation on freedom of expression.

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