The ex-military Armando Méndez, prosecuted for crimes during the dictatorship, died

The ex-military Armando Méndez, prosecuted for crimes during the dictatorship, died

He ex-military Armando Mendezprosecuted at the end of October 2021 for the crime of the Argentine militant Gerardo Alter in August 1973, died in the last few hours.

mendez he was in house arrest for 9 days and I was 73 years old. His sentence for Alter’s crime was 24 years.

In October 2021, La Diaria reported that Méndez had been prosecuted with prison for a very especially aggravated crime of homicide in co-author quality during his passage through the Anti-subversive Operations Coordinating Body (OCOA).

Mendez will He served as head of the National Customs Directorate during the government of Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrera (1990-1995). In the private sphere, he was also rural entrepreneur and managed a security company.

Shortly before he was prosecuted with imprisonment by the Justice, the Association of Mothers and Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared requested access to the records of the Court of Honor that had tried him, but this was denied by the Ministry of National Defense in September 2021, which classified the files as reserved for 15 years.

For the torture and death of Alter, the soldiers Pedro Enrique Buzó, Néstor Silveira and Antranig Ohannessian were also prosecuted.

Who was Gerardo Alter?

alter, of 27 years when he was arrested in August 1973, he was native of La Plata, Argentina. His arrest occurred in Camino Carrasco and Veracierto, the place from which he was transferred to Infantry Battalion No. 1. In that military unit he was tortured and assassinated.

His remains, according to the Uruguay Memory Sites portal, could be located in the Northern Cemetery – where they were buried without identification – and then transferred to Argentina by his family.

According to the records, Alter was politically active in the National Liberation Movement – Tupamaros, in the Workers’ Revolutionary Party – People’s Revolutionary Army. He was an architecture student.

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