Fallece el exdiputado y dirigente del PRSC Rafael Molina Lluberes

The ex-deputy and leader of the PRSC Rafael Molina Lluberes dies

SANTO DOMINGO.- The former deputy and senior leader of the Social Christian Reformist Party (PRSC), Rafael Molina Lluberes, died this Monday morning in a clinic in Cotuí, where he was being held for health complications that he had been suffering from for some time.

It was reported that the cause of death of the former legislator for the Sánchez Ramírez province was due to cardiovascular complications.

Molina Lluberes, who was also mayor of the municipality of Cotuí, had suffered several heart attacks in recent years and was resting in his hometown.

The family of the former legislator has not yet informed where the funeral acts will take place.

Rafael Molina Lluberes, a lawyer by profession, was born in Cotuí on May 25, 1951, and fathered nine children.

He was a member of the Presidential Directory (DP), the highest executive body of the Reform Party. He was a deputy in the periods 1982-1986; 1986-1990; 1994-1998; 2006-2010.

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The president of the PRSC, engineer Federico Antún Batlle (Quique), lamented the death of the former deputy and reformist leader.

“It is with profound pain that I receive the information that Dr. Rafael Molina Lluberes has passed away. A dear friend and compatriot, rather my compadre and brother. I join the pain of his family that is mine. QDEP », Quique Antún wrote on his Twitter account.

The National Secretary of Organization, José Balaguer, also lamented the death of Molina Lluberes in a tweet he wrote early in the morning, as soon as he heard the sad news.

“We regret the death of the compatriot member of the Presidential Directory of the @PartidoPRSC, Dr. Rafael Molina Lluberes, four times deputy and trustee of the municipality of Cotuí, Sánchez Ramírez province. Rest in peace », was the message of José Balaguer.

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