The Events Observer presents its first summit: technology and new businesses

September 7 will be the debut of The Events Observer, a series of meetings of high strategic value that will bring together CEOs, directors, investors, entrepreneurs and authorities. In 2022, there will be three essential meetings: Technology, Innovation and a great celebration for the 31 years of El Observador.

After two years of uncertainty and virtuality, these instances will be essential to learn first-hand the issues that govern the business agenda in the voice of its protagonists.

the first peak Technology and New Businesses, will be held the next September 7 and will bring together benchmarks from unicorn companies, investors, entrepreneurs and authorities who will reflect on the opportunities that Uruguay has as a regional technology hub. The event is supported by
Zonamerica and Latin advisorsQuantik, Andersen, Sunpartners and Quantik.

Technology and New Businesses

The Technology and New Business summit will be held next 7 out of September between 8:30 and 13 hours. The meeting will be moderated by the Argentine businessman and former deputy, Facundo Garretón and in a dynamic of four panels.

The experts will reflect on:

How can Uruguay become a new pole of knowledge in Latin America?

The panel will be made up of the journalist, entrepreneur and author of the book “Uruguay Laboratory”, María Eugenia Estenssoro; the co-founder and CEO of Turismocity, Andrés Malenky; and the founder and CEO of the Argentine company based in Uruguay VU Security, Sebastián Stranieri.

What is the experience of entrepreneurs who were incubated in Uruguay or landed in the country?

This second block will star the co-founder of the Argentine unicorn Auth0, Matias Woloski; the founder of Eyecue Insights, Carolina Bañales and the co-founder of the Uruguayan fintech Prometeo, Ximena Alemán.

What are the initiatives from the government and public institutions?

This panel will be made up of the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Omar Paganini; the CEO of +Colonia, Eduardo Bastitta; the leader of Mercado Libre’s Mercado Shops, Gastón Frydlewski and the CEO of Infocorp, Ana Inés Echavarren.

What do investors need to scale companies from Uruguay?

The last panel of the meeting will be made up of the head of Latitud Venture, Tomás Roggio; the director of Patagonia Ventures and CEO of Fiera Studio, Damián Voltes, the founder of Pronto! and InCapital, Martín Guerra and the CEO of IC Ventures, Andrés Cerisola.

Member subscribers will have a bonus on their entry. For more information contact 0800 82 18 and [email protected]

Other instances of meeting

The next summit will be held on October 11 and will discuss Innovation and new businesses. In that conference the focus will be on the path towards an economy of impact and carbon free.

The 2022 event season will culminate on October 25 with a big celebration the 31 years of The Observer doing journalism in Uruguay.

The first two events can be enjoyed live, with free access, from the El Observador website.

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