The European heat wave causes 237 deaths in five days in Spain

The European heat wave causes 237 deaths in five days in Spain

The high temperatures during the first five days of the heat wave that affects Spain have caused 237 deaths, according to official data.

These data from the Carlos III Health Institute, dependent on the Ministry of Health in Spain, correspond to the period from July 10, the start of the wave, until Thursday the 14th, which is considered the maximum peak and which added 93 deaths on that day alone. .

Since the 10th, the trend has been upward, with 15 dead that day and practically twice as many, 28, the next, while on Tuesday the 12th, 41 people died, and 60 on Wednesday the 13th.

The most extreme temperatures that have been recorded in many parts of the country since last Sunday began to subside on Friday, although all regions except the Atlantic Canary Islands remain on alert due to the forecast of up to 44 degrees Celsius in some places.

Cities like Madrid have reached 40 degrees, although at the moment the national maximum has not been exceeded, which has been held by the municipality of Montoro (south) since last summer with 47.2 degrees.

The heat has also led to numerous forest fires in different parts of the country, with thousands of hectares burned despite a wide deployment of firefighting means.

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