Los sectores Espacio 40 y Mejor País del PN se unen para trabajar juntos en “defensa del gobierno”

The Espacio 40 and Mejor País sectors of the PN come together to work together in “defense of the government”

This week the Espacio 40 and Mejor País sectors of the National Party launched a working alliance for the current “defense of the government” and to begin to set the campaign for the 2024 presidential elections on track.

The event was attended by, among others, Defense Minister Javier García, senators Sergio Botana and Sebastián Da Silva, the OPP Decentralization Coordinator, former Nueva Helvecia mayor María de Lima, mayors Enrique Antía and Jose Yurramendi.

Also present were Vice President Beatriz Argimón, the Secretary of the Presidency Álvaro Delgado, the President of the Department of Montevideo Laura Raffo, among other pro-government political actors.

“We are pure and courageous air to face the next elections. They will see us in each of the squares throughout the interior and in each of the neighborhoods of Montevideo and Canelones, there is no neighborhood where this movement does not enter ”, said Senator Da Silva during his intervention.

“This moment is also propitious to tell the four winds that in this room, among us, will be the future president of Uruguay and whoever wants to put on that suit, know that the heavy cavalry will be here,” he completed.

For his part, Senator Botana explained that the purpose of this alliance is to “give political-institutional support to the president, help him in all his tasks (…) We are clear about what must be done and we will help him fulfill the commitments assumed and We will give the support to comply with all the reforms promoted and those that remain to be done” and pointed to “doing Wilsonismo”, “not the one of the 70s and 80s, but the current one, but with the same commitment to defend the same values” .

Mayor Antía recalled how this union was created: “In November we saw an ‘electoralitis’ at the national level when we had just emerged from the pandemic and launched the national government. That is why we set up this instance and we met with Espacio 40 to think about how to help defend the great government management and contribute something else, we are advancing in the formation of this Government Group with politicians proven in management ”, he explained.

Then he asserted: “We will be the government again because we manage and that is our best candidacy, because we make unbeatable efforts throughout the country and we have to come together to make the country known.”

Minister García referred to going through “an inverse path” in the presidential path. “Many times in politics what marks the way is the profile, showing that one is different and much more in electoral times. We decided to go the other way: we decided to dilute our profiles to help the National Party, ”he said.

The Secretary of State pointed to the need to talk less about elections and focus on the present. “We have to think about the next five years, but as soon as we got out of the pandemic and we can govern; We are going to talk less about candidacies and more about the government, ”he said.

As representatives of the department of Colonia, in addition to the presence at the table of the leader of List 28 María de Lima, the former director of Health Dr. Miguel Asqueta and the leader of List 604, Luis Pablo Parodi, participated in the event.

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