The ENRE will send a report on Edesur's performance to Congress in the next 90 days

The ENRE will send a report on Edesur’s performance to Congress in the next 90 days

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The National Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE) indicated that, in the next 90 days, it will send a report to Congress in which it will analyze and evaluate the performance of the provision of the public electricity distribution service of the company Edesur SA, “and the degree of compliance with the obligations contained in the concession contract”.

“The ongoing audit – reported the ENRE in a statement – considers the operational and management evaluation of the distributor that have resulted in the lack of timely attention and form to the claims of the users in the replacement of the service, breaches that, beyond the global and individual quality indicators, denote issues underlying assets that may affect the continuity of the concession“.

Earlier, the head of the ENRE, Walter Martello, assured -in dialogue with Télam- that the agency “is going to sanction” the light concessionaire companies for cuts of more than 72 hours, which this Tuesday affect more than 150,000 users in Buenos Aires and the Buenos Aires suburbsand warned that this Tuesday the historical record of electricity consumption that was reached on Monday could be exceeded.

The ENRE assured that it “will sanction” companies for power outages of more than 72 hours


“Today we could exceed yesterday’s historical record, so the situation in the afternoon is going to be complicated in terms of demand. This demand activates the protective systems to avoid greater evils and leaves some areas without service. If it does not change during the After the thermal variation, we are going to have the same problems that we had yesterday,” said Martello.

As reported, on Monday at 3:15 p.m. a new all-time high for power demand of the Argentine Interconnection System (SADI) was registered, with 29,089 MW, exceeding by 527 MW the record reached last Friday of 28,562 MW.

This Tuesday, more than 150,000 users from the city of Buenos Aires and The Buenos Aires suburbs continued without electricity supply, in another day of suffocating heat with a maximum of 36 degrees and with a red alert for extreme temperatures for the region.

“There are many claims that have to do with previous days where these historical peaks had not occurred and we are going to address them. What this situation does is aggravate them, they have the right to claim,” said the head of the ENRE and confirmed that the agency ” is going to penalize the companies” for leaving more than 7,000 people without power over the weekend for more than 72 hours.

“When events of these characteristics occur, there are low voltage cuts for several days, for which we are informing the companies that have finished this climatic event, which we think for the last hours of today and the first hours of tomorrow, quickly go to attend to specific issues that they are pending”, asserted Martello and opined that “there is a chronic investment problem, there is no explanation for a person to go four days without light”.

“We are convinced that the announcement of the sale and departure of the Enel group, which controls the Edesur company, has not been a good announcement in the middle of summer because management problems are worsening. It is a company problem but that affects users,” he concluded.

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