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The Electric Union reports on energy availability for today, Sunday

The Electric Union (UNE) reported in a statement that at 06:00 am today, Sunday, the availability of the national electricity system was 2,255 MW and the demand was 2,000 MW, with the entire system in service. No affectations are anticipated in the service during the day and afternoon.

Yesterday, Saturday, the electricity service was not affected due to a deficit in generation capacity in the system, which was maintained during the early hours of Sunday.

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The statement reiterates that units 6, 7 and 8 of the CTE Máximo Gómez, the CTE unit Otto Parellada, unit 1 of the CTE Ernesto Guevara, unit 5 of the CTE Diez de Octubre and Unit 4 of CTE Antonio Maceo. Unit 2 of the CTE Lidio Ramón Pérez is under maintenance.

The UNE specifies that the limitations on thermal generation (513 MW) are maintained. In distributed generation, 1,018 MW are unavailable due to breakdown, and 411 MW are in maintenance.

For peak hours, the UNE forecasts the use of 347 MW in diesel engines.

Finally, it was announced that an availability of 2,672 MW and a maximum demand of 2,550 MW are estimated for the peak hour, for a reserve of 122 MW, and that therefore no affectations in the service are forecast during that hour.

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