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The dollar was traded this Tuesday for less than 4,770 pesos

The dollar was traded this Tuesday for less than 4,770 pesos

the price of the dollar in Colombia it continued with negotiations below the level of 4,800 pesos.

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This Tuesday, December 20, the currency opened at 4,770 pesos and registered other trading figures, such as 4,769.10 pesos, 4,769.75 pesos, 4,770.20 pesos and 4,771.70 pesos.

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Its highest price was 4,785 pesos and the minimum, 4,762.50 pesos.

And the average trading price was 4,769.44 pesos, 11.84 pesos below the Representative Market Rate (TRM) of the day, which is 4,781.28.

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The currency did not have any negotiation above 4,800 pesos, a barrier from which it fell since Monday, December 19.

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The euro rose, this Tuesday, December 20, to 1,065 dollars, remaining stable in the week leading up to Christmas thanks in part to the restrictive monetary policy that the European Central Bank (ECB) has signaled in recent days.

The ECB set the reference exchange rate for the euro at $1.0599.

Along with signals from the ECB, the euro was boosted by the business climate release of the German Ifo Institute, which rose for the third consecutive month and increased 2.2 points in December, as was learned the day before.


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