The dollar rises more than $30 and crosses the $4,400 barrier again

The dollar rises more than $30 and crosses the $4,400 barrier again

After two days with falling average trading prices, the dollar in Colombia is closing the week of September 19 to 23 with a strong rise and above 4,400 pesos.

The currency opened the day this Friday 23 in 4,420 pesos, a significant increase with respect to the Representative Market Rate (TRM) of the day, which is 4,379.80 pesos.

During the day, in addition, it has registered prices such as 4,410.15 and 4,418 pesos. In addition, for now, the maximum figure that has been registered has been 4,422.50 pesos and the minimum, 4,397 pesos.

Being 10 am, the average trading price was 4,411.44 pesos, 31.64 pesos above the TRM.

Around 12 noon, the currency had an average trading price of 4,421.57 pesos.

The increase in the dollar came after two days of decline, with Thursday the 22nd being the most striking, as the currency fell back from 4,400 after 7 days. The last time I’d had a record like that was on September 15, when the TRM was $4,389.80.


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