The dollar hits a new ceiling of $4,348.68

The dollar hits a new ceiling of $4,348.68

The Representative Market Rate for this Thursday is $4,348.68, a new all-time high after registering a strong rise of $88.82 compared to the one in force yesterday of $4,259.86.

After two weeks above $4,000 and continuous rises, the currency opened at $4,280 pesos and remained at an average of $4,348.35 during the day.

(Dollar: what are historical highs due to and what is coming for the currency).

In the banking market, currency purchase and sale transactions amounted to US$1,325 million.

The currency, although it was affected in the days after the first and second presidential rounds, in recent times it has registered strong increases pressured by the international scenario, in which several Latin American markets, such as Chile, have also today seen their currencies devalued to values historical.

This is mainly due to the policies of the US Federal Reserve (Fed), that is raising interest rates to curb inflation, which has repercussions in world markets and, especially, in emerging countries such as Colombia.

During 2022 the Colombian peso registers a devaluation against the dollar of 9.23% and in the last 12 months the figure is 15.14%.


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