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The discharge of the Vice President and the repercussions within the ruling party and the opposition

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The discharge of the Vice President and the repercussions within the ruling party and the opposition

“The Vialidad trial began with a fiction, with a bad and false script,” said Cristina Kirchner


Referents of the ruling party and the opposition coalition Together for Change (JxC) spoke on the public defense carried out by Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchnerafter the Federal Oral Court 2 (TOF2) prevented her from expanding her investigative statement in the trial known as “Vialidad”, in which the Prosecutor’s Office requested that she be sentenced to 12 years in prison and lifelong disqualification from holding public office.

The Minister of Justice, Martin Soria, maintained that “they did not want to listen to her because they cannot bear the weight of the truth. This is not a trial of Cristina Fernández, it is a trial of Peronism and the national and popular governments.” He added that “the Vialidad case is another farce put together without evidence by the media-judicial power designed by Macri.”

Soria: “It was fully demonstrated that it was an armed cause and without evidence”


The Minister of Women, Gender and Diversity, Elizabeth Gomez Alcorta He said that what was expressed by the former president “not only makes clear the overwhelming evidence of the judicial aberration against her, but also exposes with great certainty the true reasons for her persecution.”

“This is a trial against the expansion of the rights of the people, against the dignity of the workers, against the policies of Memory, Truth and Justice. That is what is at stake,” he added.

“They did not want to listen to her because they cannot bear the weight of the truth. This is not a trial of Cristina Fernández, it is a trial of Peronism and the national and popular governments.”Martin Soria

Defense Minister, Jorge Taianahighlighted: “In a single exhibition, Cristina destroyed the long hours of reading falsehoods to which prosecutor Luciani subjected us.”

Your pair of Territorial Development and Habitat, Jorge Ferraresievaluated that it had “the usual clarity”, demonstrated the “absence of evidence” of the trial and affirmed that “what is at stake is the disciplining of popular leadership that improves the lives of working people.”

“In his lapidary statement, @CFKArgentina showed that lawfare not only seeks to persecute Peronist leaders but also aims to guarantee the impunity of macrismo and that the true objective of the persecution is to take away society’s rights,” he said on Twitter. the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillo.

He added that in addition to “demolishing one by one the prosecutor’s lies, which had already crumbled in the trial, he showed that the ‘new evidence’ that they introduced to put together a television show, once again, ends up involving the macrismo in the corruption that denounce”.

The Governor of Catamarca, Raul Jalilhe said on Twitter: “I am in favor of the constitutional principle of innocence and the full validity of the democratic functioning of justice. I stand in solidarity with the vice president @CFKArgentina.”

The Buenos Aires Government Minister, Cristina Alvarez Rodriguezreplied on social networks that “they seek revenge, not justice”, and the Minister of Development of the Buenos Aires Community, Andres Larroquehe wrote (dedicated to the Vice President) “listening to you is having hope”.

For the Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Nicholas Kreplakthe exhibition was “forceful, clear, facing the people and without lies” and expressed that “his commitment to the rights of Argentines is always greater than the attempts to destabilize the judicial party.”

“They ask us for 12 years for Memory, Truth, Justice, for the Fund, for the wages of the workers… that’s why they’re going to stigmatize me, that’s why they’re going to condemn me,” the Secretary of Human Rights quoted of the Nation, Horacio Pietragalla Corti.

The Public Defender, Miriam Lewismaintained the “impediment of the right to defense” of Cristina Fernández as a “threat to democracy” and stated that “it shows that it is a question of political persecution for the purpose of proscription.”

The head of the Inadi, Victoria Dondastressed that “the persecution” of the vice president aims to “punish her” for having led a “process of expanding rights and inclusion” and said: “We know those who orchestrate this plan. Before they hid behind boots and rifles; today they do it behind ties. They are puppets with law degrees, at the service of power.”

The national deputy of the FdT Itai Hagman He cataloged the release as “a master class” on “how real power works in Argentina” and assured that “they will not be able to with it, because it has the people behind #TodosConElla”.

Agustín Rossi: “The Judicial Party attacks some and protects others”


Your colleague vanessa siley he tweeted: “We are Cristina. It’s not personal, it’s political.” And his bench partner Victoria Montenegro referred to a passage in the speech in which he released messages between the businessman and friend of former President Mauricio Macri, Nicolás Caputo, and the former Secretary of Public Works, José López, which demonstrate “familiarity” what was between them.

Parrilli: “The road cause begins to fall like a house of cards”


The senator of the FdT also alluded to that passage Juliana Di Tulliowho published a comparative graph between the number of calls between Caputo and López and wrote: “Phone for Luciani and Mola”.

the national deputy Cristina Britez He referred to the moment in which the vice president greeted the militants from the balcony of the Senate and said: “She went out on the balcony! Without Cristina there is no Peronism. Without Peronism there is no country!”

“This is not a trial against Cristina, it is a trial against Peronism, against the national and popular governments. They come for the wages of the workers, for the rights won by the people, for the retirees. They seek revenge, not justice”Cristina Alvarez Rodriguez

The Solidarity Party (PSol) of Charles Heller it held that “what has become evident again is that the lawfare imposes guilt as a starting point” insofar as “the sentence is decided first and then a supposed judicial process is staged to justify it.”

Photo: Victoria Gesualdi.

from the opposition

Meanwhile, leaders of Together for Change (JxC) questioned the arguments offered by Cristina Kirchner. “As much as she wants, she will not be able to cover up the truth; the evidence is overwhelming and unappealable. Even if she wants it, there will be no impunity pact. Decadent. End of the game,” tweeted the president of the Civic Coalition, Maximilian Ferraro.

The head of the UCR bloc in Deputies, mario nigriexpressed that Fernández de Kirchner “could not explain a word” of the “key evidence that (prosecutors Diego) Luciani and (Sergio) Mola incorporated to demonstrate their partnership with Báez.”

“If there is something valuable, it is that Justice did not allow itself to be pressured,” highlighted the president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich, in a tweet accompanied by a video of an interview she gave to the TN channel after the vice president’s release was completed, where she added that : “Argentina has a clear republican moment, judges who are not intimidated and I don’t think they are intimidated by 200 boys from La Cámpora.”

The PRO deputy waldo wolff tweeted that “if you have proof that Caputo committed some illicit that I denounced him and he defends himself “and added that” until now he has not explained anything of what he is accused of “.

The Radical National Senator Alfredo Cornejo supported the oral trial for the “Highway” case and believed that “the guarantees of due process” are being fulfilled. The defendants “can defend themselves perfectly,” Cornejo estimated and analyzed: “Argentina has to be a normal country where the institutions work.”

For the national deputy and president of the Civic Coalition bloc, John Manuel Lopez“the trial of the Public Works does not discipline anyone” and added that “it has to be a milestone in the advance for the integrity of all Argentine politics, Cristina Kirchner seeks an impunity pact but only Justice is going to make us better “.

the radical deputy Miguel Baze He believed that the vice president “cannot prove her innocence and tries to cast doubt on the judicial process by inventing a political persecution that does not exist.”

“Cristina is confessing that during her government there was collusion between her officials and businessmen in the irregular management of public works, the story is over,” said the national deputy and president of the Buenos Aires Civic Coalition-ARI, Paula Oliveto.

Surrounded by militants, Cristina Kirchner arrived at Congress from where she will make her “right of defense”


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