Lis Cuesta Peraza y Miguel Díaz-Canel, Cuba

“The dictator of my heart”: Lis Cuesta compliments Díaz-Canel on Twitter

MIAMI, United States. — Lis Cuesta Peraza, wife of the ruler Miguel Díaz-Canel, again generated controversy in Twitter after throwing a compliment at the Cuban president.

“The one who is cute is! And, furthermore, inside and out: the dictator of my heart,” wrote the “first lady” in reference to Díaz-Canel.


The publication generated hundreds of reactions and comments on social networks. Some users, surprised, came to think that it was a parody account. Others emphasized the similarities between Cuesta Peraza and Cilia Flores, wife of Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro.

“They have little left in power. Enjoy your mansion and the money from corruption because you are going to see yourself with one hand behind and the other in front,” said tweeter Pedro Ramírez.

Since joining Twitter on March 31, Lis Cuesta Peraza has become a reference for Castroism on that social network, where she has shared content linked to her duties as an official.

In her biography, the “first lady” presents herself as “Cuban, grandmother, revolutionary, teacher, coordinator of events and culture-tourism of the MINCULT.” It is in this last section where she has been most active in recent years, always at the forefront of the organization of numerous events, among which several culinary fairs and the Havana San Remo Festival.

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