The details of the trains that will be used in the Regio Tram de Occidente

The details of the trains that will be used in the Regio Tram de Occidente

This Tuesday the Government of Cundinamarca in the company of the construction firm of the Western Regio Tram China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation or (CCECC), presented the real model from China of how the 100% electric infrastructure megaproject will be.

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In the images, a train with large modern spaces, high technology, capacity for 884 passengers and also has a length of 28 meters by 2.65 wide.

At the event, Liu Weimin, chairman of the construction company’s Board of Directors, assured that it is a great honor to be able to present the model and contribute their knowledge to the projectfor which they feel a great responsibility with the contract.

With this great responsibility, we must strive even more for the good execution of this project. Since the signing of the concession contract, following the principle of high criteria, high quality and efficiency, the concessionaire, the FR, the controller and the CCECC team have been collaborating intensively and we have managed to overcome a series of difficulties such as the pandemic and today in the successful completion of the model, which is the fruit of the efforts made by all partiesWeimin said.

In his turn, the Governor of Cundinamarca, Nicolás García, highlighted the consortium’s commitment to the project and the progress it has made despite the difficulties that occurred in the pandemic.

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Western regiment.

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“For us, the structuring and each progress of this project that we see with joy has been fundamental, we recognize the willingness of the winning consortium to keep the times despite the pandemic and thus guarantee the pre-construction work, property management and the start of construction. of the workshop patio and we are close to starting work in Facatativá; At the same time, we celebrate the progress made in the construction of the rolling stock that today allows us to show the public the real model of our Regio Tram de Occidente”.

Among the progress of the project in general, the start of works in the ANI workshop, advances in the license for the El Corzo workshop, electrical substations, traffic studies and property management.

The project that presents a structural solution to mobility in the region that includes Facatativá, Madrid, Funza and Mosquera in its connection with Bogotá and the Metro system, significantly reducing travel times in a journey 39.6 kilometers passing through 17 stations (8 in Cundinamarca and 9 in Bogotá).

The Western Regio Tram expects to mobilize 40,205,999 passengers per year, from the Western Sabana to Bogotá.

In the meeting, the Governor of Cundinamarca also highlighted that in addition to the Royal Tram of the West, the advances in the structuring of the Royal Tram of the North that cIt will connect Bogotá with Chía, Cajicá and Zipaquirá that is expected to be awarded; and to the south, work is being done so that the third line of the Metro System begins in Soacha.

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Likewise, the president clarified that the RegioTram de Occidente will not end the public transport service in the municipalities of its influence, due to the fact that they will continue to provide this work by taking passengers to each of the stations.

Paula Galeano Balaguera

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