The deputy director of Civil Identification was dismissed for issuing Marset's passport

The deputy director of Civil Identification was dismissed for issuing Marset’s passport

Heber learned on Saturday that “there was an instance between DNIC and Científica trying to rush three passports, including that of Mr. Marset.”

The Executive Power dismissed the deputy director of the National Directorate of Civil Identification, Alberto Lacoste, for issuing the passport to drug trafficker Sebastián Marset, reported The Daily and confirmed a source from the Ministry of the Interior to Montevideo Portal. The Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, announced in the Chamber of Senators during the interpellation requested by the Broad Front the reasons why the urgent investigation was initiated. Lacoste is a lawyer and commissioner general.

“On the occasion of the interpellation we were analyzing this in depth and carefully, and this Saturday, in this process of informing Parliament, we received information that there had been an instance between Civil and Scientific Identification trying to rush three passports, where between they were Mr. Marset’s”, Heber said in the room.

The minister assured that “This information appears this Saturday” and added that he ordered “an urgent investigation, which is giving results today,” he insisted. “We met her on Saturday, we prepared her […], on Sunday the investigation was made in Scientific and in Civil Identification. There is an urgent investigation, of an email, requesting ”, he explained.

“We are told that this is usual, that it is common; I don’t know, I don’t care. I don’t care if it’s usual. I did not know and had not been informed before. Therefore, what we did is to carry out an urgent investigation, and if it is the case, we are going to make a summary with dismissal. Let’s wait for the investigation.” the minister said. Minutes later, a ministry official confirmed to the press that the chief had been removed.

Heber explained that “That is the situation we find ourselves in right now”and delimited, as Foreign Minister Francisco Bustillo did, any type of political movement in this process. “There is no change in the deadlines, because the passport – which in some way wanted to be pushed – did not arrive in the diplomatic bag that left on November 24, and it left through other routes that the questioning man established.”

In addition, the minister explained that Marset crossed several borders with the false passport for which he was arrested in the United Arab Emirates, and said that “Bergara’s indignation is the same as there was in the Government and in the president” when they found out what had happened.

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