Los diputados investigados por red  Falcón, si hay  pruebas, los acusarán

The deputies investigated by the Falcón network, if there is evidence, they will accuse them

SANTO DOMINGO.-The Attorney General’s Office is working on the compilation of evidence of the possible criminal responsibility of three legislators linked to the money laundering network resulting from drug trafficking baptized as “Operation Falcón”.

The deputies investigated are Nelson Rafael Marmolejos Gil, Héctor Darío Féliz Féliz and Faustina Guerrero Cabrera, who are among those involved in the criminal structure from which the Public Ministry seized millionaire assets acquired with drug money.

Deputy Attorney General Pedro Amador stated that if evidence is found that reveals some degree of responsibility in the case, they will not request a coercive measure, but instead will present an accusation against him.

The Public Ministry investigates the aforementioned deputies after provisionally attributing them to association of malefactors, drug trafficking, money laundering from drug trafficking and illegal possession of firearms.

The Special Investigation Judge of the Supreme Court of Justice, Napoleón Estévez, was appointed to hear the requests for investigative proceedings in relation to the preparatory procedures in relation to the case against the legislators.

It is recalled that the judge of the Second Chamber of the Criminal Chamber of the Court of First Instance of the National District, Raymundo Mejía, rejected an appeal for amparo to the legislator Féliz Féliz, to return a Toyota vehicle, model KDJ150, Land Cruiser PR, from the year 2020, and other belongings.

Investigate another case
The deputy prosecutor Pedro Amador is also leading the investigation against deputy Amalia Pilarte, identified by the Public Ministry as an active member of the network headed by her husband, Miguel Arturo López Florencio (Micky López).

According to the Public Ministry, the deputy lent herself to place in the financial market more than RD$2,593 million from drug trafficking activities of the organization headed by her partner. Micky López is also mentioned in the Operation “Falcón” drug money laundering file.


—1— Coercion
October 2021, the 23 defendants in the “Falcon” network were imposed a coercive measure.
—2— Operational
September, authorities dismantled the organization and arrested its members through raids.

MP must present accusation 23 Falcón
Justice. The Public Ministry will have to present charges against the 23 involved in the “Falcón” network, in the first week of June.

This is so because the deadline to present an accusation against the group is met and if they do not do so, the judge who has control of the investigation must notify them.

Among those involved who are carrying out a coercive measure are Juan Maldonado Castro “Marcial and/or El Lider”, former director of Comunidad Digna, María Olimpia Tavares Rodríguez; Victor Elpidio Altagracia Paulino Herrera; Luis Daniel Nieves Batista, Adolfo Antonio Torres Sanabia; Julio César Jiménez Talavera, among others.

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