The Departmental Board voted for it: Leave 150 meters free on the coast of Juan Lacaze

The Departmental Board voted for it: Leave 150 meters free on the coast of Juan Lacaze

The Departmental Board approved not allowing construction in the coastal strip of Juan Lacaze, leaving a 150-meter retreat, taking the last rising of the Río de la Plata as the line.

Finally, this Thursday the 12th, after several comings and goings, consultations with professionals and reports from commissions, in an Ordinary Session the Departmental Board of Colonia approved the precautionary measure for the coastal strip between Charrúa Beach (Juan Lacaze) and La Boca Rosary.

It was done unanimously by the mayors present, and in this way, the decree establishing “the prohibition of building, constructing, wiring or delimiting in any way (the latter added at the request of the Colorado Party) in a strip of 150 meters wide measured towards the interior of the territory from the upper line of the riverbank in the Río de la Plata, in the coastal arc comprised from the eastern urban limit of the city of Juan Lacaze (Playa Charrúa) to the mouth of the Río Rosario, which will govern until the final approval of the Juan Lacaze, Cosmopolita and Minuano Land Management and Sustainable Development Plan”.

The decision of the deliberative put an end to the controversy generated by the fence that a neighbor who had bought a padrón facing the Río de la Plata had placed at the very edge of the beach, a situation that could be repeated with other neighbors who were in the same situation.

“The councilors understood that there was a profuse current regulation that supported the precautionary measure, but we also understood it necessary to protect what is the first line of defense of the coast, which is the one that when there are growing, more and more frequent in the Río de la Plata , prevent the entry of water into the territory and its flooding, which affects civil works and public services. And that without ever losing sight of the free access to the coast for all citizens enshrined by law”, said the departmental mayor Gabriel Gabbiani (Colorado Party – Citizens).

Press report of the Colorado Party Bench

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