The demand for programmers will grow by 65% ​​in the country

The demand for programmers will grow by 65% ​​in the country

The Talently company, focused on train and connect Latin American developers with international companies, shared a study in which it was highlighted that the demand for programmers will grow “an estimated minimum of 65% in the coming years”, compared to a current deficit of programmers”.

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The firm also estimates that the high demand for programmers It will last for the next 20 years.

Likewise, this analysis revealed a profile of the Colombian programmer, this is how on average these professionals are between 21 and 38 years old; 77% are represented by men, and they report an average salary of US$3,000, depending on the specialty.
However, those who meet this profile seek employment mainly in countries such as the United States for three main reasons: the opportunity to work in a home office format, search for a better salary and improve their resume with 100% bilingual international companies.

Colombia has a high growth potential worldwide in this sector, we could become a power of technology services for the world. We need to understand the real impact of this career and the opportunities it generates, as well as reduce a gender gap, because the number of Latin American female programmers will surely increases”, explained Cristian Vega, co-founder of Talently.
At the business level, the report noted that international companies hire talent mainly from Mexico, Colombia, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

In Colombia, a call is opened to train 1,500 young people in programming, with zero initial cost, in the next two months.

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Hybrid profiles, the most sought after

But how is the local market in terms of technological profiles? According to the Page Group ‘IT Talent’ study, in Colombia there are more than 135,000 people who have a career related to information technology (YOU). In fact, in 2021, 152,000 jobs were created in Colombia, according to the study ‘Hybrid Profiles 5.0 of Technology by PageGroup’.

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This report also pointed out that a hybrid profile in technology is increasingly sought after by companies globally, especially in sectors such as fintech and biotech.


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