The debate begins in commission of the projects to modify the Rent Law

The debate begins in commission of the projects to modify the Rent Law

Cecilia Moreau chairs the General Legislation Commission. Photo: Eliana Obregon.

The Chamber of Deputies will begin this Tuesday the debate in commission of the projects that seek to modify the Rental Lawwith the exhibition of rental associations, tenants, owners and real estate.

The meeting, which was called for 1 p.m. and will last until 5 p.m., will be held virtually and then will go to intermediate room until next week, after the Easter holidays.

In those four hours they are expected to exhibit 43 guestswith a preponderance of representatives of real estate chambers and tenant associations from the interior of the country.

To a lesser extent, three consumer defense associations, a chamber of owners and a couple of study centers will participate.

Meanwhile, and in accordance with the established schedule, the commission will resume the debate next week with face-to-face meetings on Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20while between Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27, it is intended to start signing the opinion.

The meeting was called for 13 this Tuesday
The meeting was called for 13 this Tuesday.

In this way, Cecilia Moreau It would meet the deadline that the Chamber imposed on itself ten days ago, when the authorities of the body and the main blocks agreed that the debate should be exhausted in 30 business days from April 5, that is, before May 18.

The main political spaces agreed to address the issue after Together for Change decided to lift the request for a special session to deal with the issue -on Tuesday the 5th-, in a plenary in which, a priori, the ruling party would not give a quorum and JxC It would not reach that objective nor the special majority to debate the project without the corresponding opinion.

In this sense, all the blocs agree on the need to advance only with the repeal of the two most questioned articles less than two years after their sanction and one of their implementation.

These are the two most contested issues of the rule promoted during the government of Mauricio Macri.

One of the most contested issues is the terms of the contracts, which were extended to a minimum of three years, instead of the two that were previously in force; and the other was the implementation of the income updating methodology, based on an average between the Consumer Price Index and the average salary, with an annual adjustment interval.

The intention of the ruling party is to advance in the debate and reach a consensus opinion to take it to the lower house next month.

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