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The death toll from a mine collapse in El Callao rises to five

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At least two deaths caused a mine collapse in El Callao, Bolívar state

The rainfall registered on May 30 in El Callao (Bolívar) caused the collapse of a mine. Until the night of Friday, June 2, the death toll was five men; The number of how many more people could be under the collapse is unknown to the authorities. Rescuers continue their search efforts.

This Friday, June 2, officials from the Civil Protection and Municipal Firefighters of El Callao (Bolívar) confirmed the discovery of three more bodies, raising the number of fatalities to five in the La Isidora mine, located to the south of the eastern entity.

They also reported that rescuers continue with the search work.

Of these three deceased, Herickson and Enrique Rojas Malavé, aged 23 and 30, respectively, were identified. Both were brothers from Monagas state. They had been constantly traveling to this mining area for about two years. They lived in La Toscana, Piar municipality, about 20 minutes from Maturín.

The identity of the third recently found victim is unknown. These three bodies are added to the two deaths confirmed on thursday june 1, identified as Jesús Díaz, 31 years old; and Herinson Rojas, 23 years old.

The bodies were transferred to the morgue of the Juan Germán Roscio Hospital.

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Collapse of the El Callao gallery

The collapse of the gold gallery was a consequence of the rains on May 30, which left at least 10 sectors and 450 families affected by the flooding of the Yuruari River, such as Matapalo, Nacupay, Barrio Obrero, El Perú, La Chalana, El Banqueo, Guayabal, Mi Alegría, Panama Sector and Villa Bienaventuranzas.

The Secretary of Citizen Security of the Bolívar state, Major General Edgar Colina Reyes, attended the site. He explained that through a corridor of the Isidora mine they continue with the evaluation by the Control and Risk System to find the rest of the miners who entered through the Talavera mine, and were trapped when the gold gallery collapsed. El Callao municipality.

Officials from the Municipal Fire Department, Civil Protection and Minerven Emergency Control personnel are present in the mine area, in collaboration with artisanal miners.

No precise number of miners

However, authorities do not have a precise figure for the number of miners inside the tunnel, suggesting that more people may be trapped.

According to reports from the Mayor’s Office of El Callao, the La Isidora mine has a depth of approximately 800 meters, which makes rescue tasks difficult for the organizations involved.

The first survivors rescued were: Jesús Pariaguán, 27, José Cortéz, 20, and a 16-year-old teenager.

According to unofficial information received by the Caroní Mailmore than 100 miners have managed to get out of the mine alive, after a collapse in the Minerven-Caratal-Sosa Méndez road corridor, in El Callao.

With information from Caroní Mail and The truth

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