The curious name that will bear the restaurant that will open Ramiro Meneses, winner of MasterChef

“I had already been working in the competition and I met Jaime Torregrosa, is a wonderful chef recognizedor (…) I left the competition directly to receive information to receive classes, to continue cooking, to search, to try and with Jaime we met and they started putting together like small teams of chefs with whom I worked”, he recounted.

The concept was always very clear, surprise. Not to make a paisa tray, the ideal was to bring the kitchen to a state in which be surprising for the person who reaches the mouth and from there it began to build the cold dish, the hot dish, the main course and the dessert”, he commented.

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Ramiro dedicated his plate, divided into four moments, to the “friends” (cold appetizer), “television” (hot appetizer), their “country” (main course) and “life”, for dessert. That is why he affirms that all the dishes were covered so that they arrived with that surprise to the juries of the competition.

“When I entered I only knew 5% of cooking and Now that I’m out I have 20% knowledgethe other 80% have to work very hard to get to that, because it is a profession”, he assured.

Finally, he spoke about his new restaurant: “We are going to open a place called “hp dog”the idea is that They are very special dogs, I think they will wait for him because you are going to see it is a lobster dog, it is not a common dog.

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