The creator of 'Muchachos' is left without a ticket to see Argentina and reacts like this

The creator of ‘Muchachos’ is left without a ticket to see Argentina and reacts like this

Who doesn’t know the song’boys‘? It was a hit for the champion Argentina in the World Cup in Qatar and he went around the planet accompanying the Albiceleste players wherever they went, with millions of fans humming along.

After the months have passed, it has not lost its validity and it is to be expected that in the next friendly match played by Argentina, against Panama, in Buenos Aires, next Friday, it will be heard again at the Mas Monumental.

For that meeting everything is already sold. ‘Sold out’. And thousands and thousands of fans have been left without a ticket to see the Argentina team since they won the World Cup. The virtual queues to buy a ticket was really crazy.

And if there is someone who deeply regrets having been left in the lurch, it is precisely the creator of ‘Muchachos’, Fernando Romero. “I stood in line with my cell phone. My wife, my father, and my brother did the same, but none of us could get anything, no kind of ticket,” Romero told ‘Olé’.

“Am I going to do something? I’m not one to ask, I never asked for anything, not before, not during, or in any way. But I would like to have a contact, to know that they know of my existence, that they know who I am, the possibility of speaking with someone from AFA, managers, players or whoever. I couldn’t contact anyone and the truth is that for me that is a dream, I would like to be able to fulfill it. If contact was given and not input, one could achieve something than you want, but it’s obvious that if an entry appears I’ll use it.”

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