The country lost the fight against organized crime, says the governor of Amambay

The country lost the fight against organized crime, says the governor of Amambay

The governor of Amambay, Ronald Acevedo, stated for Radio Ñanduti that our country has already lost the fight against organized crime and criticized the Government for not having a combat policy. He also questioned the lack of action on the part of the authorities, especially the President of the Republic, Mario Abdo, taking into account the help he received to reach the Executive from his brother, the mayor of Pedro Juan Caballero, José Carlos Acevedo. , who suffered an attack yesterday.

“Thanks to my brother who ojepyso hese today is president, defending the Constitution and giving Mario Abdo the opportunity to defend us but he is not doing it, that is the reality, I do not say it, the Paraguayan people say it ”, he expressed. He also added that the president called him after the attack on his brother, assuring that they were going to fight organized crime.

He also indicated that the authorities, due to pressure from the press, reach the area of ​​Pedro Juan Caballero when similar events occur and recalled what happened to his daughter 7 months ago, when she was murdered by hit men, and Commissioner General Gilberto Fleitas had promised him that They were going to find the perpetrators of the act, however so far there are no answers. “When what happened to my daughter, they came for two weeks and then they said there was no budget to keep the police officers,” he said.

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