The council in Puerto Quijarro demanded the resignation of Mayor Chambi and the release of his three civic

The council in Puerto Quijarro demanded the resignation of Mayor Chambi and the release of his three civic

October 24, 2022, 10:20 PM

October 24, 2022, 10:20 PM

The council of Puerto Quijarro was carried out demanding the resignation of the mayor, Luis Chambi, “for instigating people to confront civics and people at their blockade points”; they also asked for the release of their three civic detainees in Santa Cruz, they also demanded the 2023 census. They also announced that they are going to radicalize their measures starting this Tuesday.

Mirna Guzmán, representative of the nurses’ union, was one of those who spoke against Mayor Chambi.

This mayor (Chambi) even led us to confront the Central Obrera, which is an institution of all workers and it is not possible for that to happen in our town, help me request a recall for this mayor, comrades,” he asked in his speech.

Manuel Pérez, a citizen of Puerto Suárez, also had his place, who accompanied his neighbors:

“We do not understand how it is possible that they have confronted the people, but above all, that they have invented the lie that the death was the product of aggression, when the autopsy has shown that it was an accident, we demand that the Police have the condition of show us what really happened to that citizen who unfortunately lost his life”.

“They know that with a sanitized register, they will never have two-thirds, they will never have a majority,” added the Puerto Suárez citizen.

The council closed with the identification of an alleged infiltrator of the Police that dressed in civilian clothes, he would have participated in the town hall as a spectator, so he was put to a vote to withdraw.

In the middle of the council, the news of the release of the three civic members was announced; Javier AS, Jaime A. and Samuel., arrested and transferred to Santa Cruz, accused of the death of Julio Pablo Taborga, a municipal official who died in the unblocking, but the news was discarded after a few minutes.

“Despite receiving pleasant news a few moments ago, the judge has called a second hearing, this means that our brothers are still detained and the lawyers are going to do everything possible so that this hearing is tomorrow,” the moderator clarified.

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