The cost of the basic food basket increased 6.3% in July

The cost of the basic food basket increased 6.3% in July

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The price of the Basic Food Basket increased 6.3% in July to reach $49,465 for a family group made up of a couple with two children to buy essential food and not fall into poverty, the National Institute of Statistics and Census (Indec) .

The Indec also reported that the cost of the Total Basic Basket (CBT), which in addition to food includes clothing and transportation, also rose 6.8% in July, for which the same family group needed to have income of $111,297 to avoid fall below the poverty line.

In the first seven months of the year, the CBT increased 46.2% and the CBA 50.1%, a difference that is essentially due to the fact that the rates of public services, and transport, were with few increases, for which reason it increases the weight that food has within the indices.

In the last twelve months, the cost of the CBA increased 70.6% and the CBT 64.7%, specified the Indec.

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