The cooperative movement celebrated the announcement made by the Executive

In a day that will be remembered as a turning point for the cooperative housing movement, Eduardo Tropiano, president of the Federation of the Union Housing Program (PVS), received the news directly through the announcement of the Housing Minister, Irene Moreira , congratulated those who carried out this fight and called to “continue building the future and cooperativism.”

Under the well-known slogan “the fight pays” the housing cooperative movement celebrated the expected official announcement that confirms the reduction to 2% of the interest rate that until now was set at 5.25%.

Tropiano informed the PIT-CNT Portal that this day, and within the framework of the 2nd annual draw for cooperatives held by MVOT Uruguay, the portfolio holder, Irene Moreira, announced that “something so demanded and long awaited by the entire cooperative movement”, which is that the cooperatives go from paying 5% interest in the quota to 2%.

During 2023, in addition, the fees that have already been paid in recent years will be reviewed to make the corresponding returns to the cooperatives that paid 5%.

He affirmed that “for the Federation of the PVS Union Housing Program, and for the sister federations, it is an excellent reason to celebrate. Without a doubt, it fills us with great joy and excitement, since this progress means that we are going to have more than 2,000 families, who are currently repaying their installments and who are going to benefit from this important achievement, not to mention that this announcement is extremely important for the entire cooperative movement, which without a doubt knows that without a fight there is no victory”.

Later, he explained that the leadership of the Federation of the Union Housing Program takes this news as a collective conquest and within this framework, the FPVS values ​​it as a triumph of the cooperative movement.

Source Portal of the PIT – CNT.

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