The controversy over Petro's order to the Armed Forces continues.  to stop the massacres

The controversy over Petro’s order to the Armed Forces continues. to stop the massacres

After President Gustavo Petro’s order to the FF.MM. to stop the massacres and violent acts in the regions of the country, former President Álvaro Uribe expressed his opinion in this regard.

The former head of state stated on his Twitter account that, “It is one thing to apply the law to a military officer or police officer who commits a crime, another, very serious, is to presume, like the Truth Commission, that the democratic institution Armed Forces is responsible for the violence, tolerated for so many years by civilians sheltered in the word peace and refused to exercise authority”.

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On the other shore, the UN ruled in favor of this order from the president to the public force. On his Twitter account, he stated that “We welcome this instruction from the President @petrogustavo in relation to massacres and homicides of leaders and defenders. The results must be measured by lives saved and protection and guarantee of human rights. @infopresidency @Ivan_Velasquez_“.

The head of state stated on Saturday, also on his Twitter account, that “the commission of massacres and their impunity in the jurisdictions of military and police commands will affect the resumes of the commanders. From now on, all military or police command in their jurisdiction must ensure that the commission of massacre and death of social leaders is neutralized to the maximum.”

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