La conexión entre el puente Mario Foianini y la avenida San Martín se cierra por casi un mes

The connection between the Mario Foianini bridge and San Martín avenue is closed for almost a month

July 5, 2022, 10:33 PM

July 5, 2022, 10:33 PM

The Secretary of Public Works of the Municipal Government of Porongo, Johnny Lladó, reported that as of this Wednesday, July 6, there will be a change in vehicular traffic at the height of the Mario Foianini bridge and fourth ring road, as a result of the junction of the access to the new Metropolitan bridge, which is in the last phase of construction. The works will end on July 31.

called recognized that this will cause a bottleneck that is to be minimized by enabling an alternative routewhich goes from kilometer zero of Porongo to the fourth ring road, leaving approximately through Centenario Avenue.

The crossing will be by the river and for that we have deployed a motor grader that is doing maintenance on the road. We will leave it in optimal conditions so that 4×4 vehicles and anyone who wants to drive along this route can do so with absolute peace of mind,” he said.

He also assured that support vehicles will be made available for any eventuality in the river crossing. “Right now the river levels are minimal, even vehicles without four-wheel drive can circulate without problem,” he stressed.

According to the authority, permanent scraping and improvement of the soil is being carried out in some sectors. also pigave patience to the population in this last stage of construction of the second bridge that connects Santa Cruz de la Sierra with Porongo.

“Be patient, understand that this discomfort of almost 20 days it will be for a better future in terms of access roads“, asked Luis Fernando Menacho, Secretary of Economic Development of the Government of Santa Cruz.

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