The Conas rescued a kidnapped person in Puente Hierro

A person who was kidnapped on the Autopista Regional del Centro was rescued by military agents in Puente Hierro, Caracas, according to military sources.

The victim is Neomar Antonio Zurita Ibarra, who was in captive situation since Wednesday June 21st.

That day, Zurita Ibarra was traveling in his vehicle on the Autopista Regional del Centro and at kilometer from Los Anaucos, Cristóbal Rojas municipality (Charallave), Miranda, he was intercepted by unknown individuals who once demanded a large sum of dollars from him. in exchange for letting him go.

The case was denounced before the Conas, whose agents mounted a pressure operation to provoke the release of the victim.

This is how this Wednesday, the subjects released Neomar at the height of Puente de Hierro avenue, Santa Teresa parish, Libertador municipality, Capital District.

Subsequently, the military captured Javier Ricardo Velasco Anchundia in the Colinas de Santa Rosa sector, Urdaneta municipality (Cúa), Miranda state. This person is allegedly related to the kidnapping, according to preliminary investigations.

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