The Comptroller’s Office reports that “all authorities can carry out an information campaign and invite people to participate in the process” but not “express favoritism” in the face of an exit plebiscite

The Comptroller General of the Republic referred to the political disregard of authorities in the face of the exit plebiscite set for September 4.

Through an opinion, the audit entity addressed the possibilities and restrictions applied to public officials in the campaigns corresponding to the Constitutional Convention.

In detail, any authority, leadership and public official can carry out an information campaign and invite them to be part of the process, however, they cannot express their favoritism or try to harm any of the options, be it Approval or Rejection.

The entity, headed by Jorge Bermúdez, reiterated said opinion in response to various requests received from the opposition. One of these requests was raised by deputies Jorge Alessandri and Juan Antonio Coloma, who pointed to the government statements.

The claim is because ministers Giorgio Jackson and Camila Vallejo expressed “the government’s commitment to the success of the constitutional process and its willingness to collaborate with the Constitutional Convention.”

This “would not only violate the principle of political disregard, but would also constitute an act of interventionism,” the parliamentarians concluded.

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