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The Comptroller’s Office accepts the claim from the Central University and forces the Ministry of Education to annul the resolution that denied its students free admission by 2023

The Comptroller General of the Republic gave a boost to the Central University (Ucen) after accepting a claim made by the house of studies to the Undersecretary of Higher Education (Subesup) about the access of its students to free for the year 2023.

The control body pointed out that, after reviewing the background, it is noted that the house of studies would meet the requirements to enter the free system.

The Central University presented last April to the Undersecretary of Higher Education (SSES) its application for affiliation to the free system, which was initially denied by the ministerial division. Faced with this, the institution filed a hierarchical appeal before the Minister of Education, so that – according to his powers – he could consider the background that demonstrated compliance with the requirement that had been objected to. However, at first the authority held firm to the criteria expressed by the SSES, and decided to reject the appeal filed.

Given this, the Ucen made a claim “absolutely convinced that our arguments were based on real and verifiable figures” before the Comptroller’s Office on November 24, informing it of the situation and requiring that the resolution that denied them access to the free benefit by 2023.

On December 28, at his Resolution No. E292782/2022The Comptroller’s Office ordered the Ministry of Education (Mineduc) to annul the resolution, having to consider compliance with the requirement observed by the Undersecretary of Higher Education (SSES) to access financing from the institution free of charge.

“Exempt Resolution No. 5,344, of 2022, must be rendered void as soon as possible, corresponding to the Subesup (SSES) issuing the appropriate acts, considering compliance with the requirement of letter c) of article 83, in relation to the transitory article forty, both of Law No. 21,091, based on the rectified information to which reference has been made,” explains the Comptroller’s document.

“Reviewed by this Control Entity the background of the year 2021 provided by the Ucen for the calculation of the percentage in analysis -which are attached-, it is noted that this university would comply with the aforementioned 80% requirement”, adds the resolution.

After the Comptroller’s pronouncement, the house of studies indicated that “the Central University, due to the categorical opinion of the General Comptroller of the Republic, which reestablishes the right of Ucen to be attached to the institutional financing system for free in the In the year 2023, it hopes that the Ministry of Education, through Subesup, will issue the final resolution as soon as possible that includes the mandate and the spirit of the resolution, thereby favoring all of our students who meet the requirements to receive the referred benefit of gratuity”.

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