The Comptroller establishes that Minister Jackson “did not adjust to the necessary disregard” in the plebiscite after sayings for proposals to reform the new Constitution

The Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) established that the minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency (Segpres), George Jackson, “it was not adjusted to the necessary disregard that is required in the face of the plebiscite (on September 4)”. This, after Jackson affirmed that the Segpres would be the body in charge of receiving the proposals of the ruling party to formulate reforms to the new Constitution, in case it is approved.

The Comptroller’s Office made that conclusion after an official letter sent by the DC deputies Eric Aedo Y joanna perez. In it, the legislators asked to verify “an eventual violation of the principles of legality and probity directly”, regarding the statements of the Secretary of State.

In the report, although the CGR indicated that Jackson’s statements are part of “the proper functions of the Segpres”, they pointed out that, considering the principle of primacy of reality, the Comptroller’s Office “cannot be abstracted from the political and electoral context that the country lives, nor of the effects that the actions of the government may have on the electorate, even in the formal exercise of its powers”.

In this sense, they warned that Jackson’s statements were directed at the parties that opt ​​for Approval, without adopting similar measures with the adherent parties of Rejection.

“Prior to the plebiscite, certain parties that identify with one of the plebiscite options -I approve- were made aware of the possibility of formulating proposals to modify the proposed new Constitution if it is approved, and without It is not clear from the background information available or from what was reported by that State Portfolio, that this authority has adopted similar measures in relation to the rejection option,” they pointed out.

With these antecedents, they concluded that although the declarations of the head of the Segpres “are part of the functions that correspond to that Secretary of State, they did not adjust to the necessary disregard that is required before the plebiscite, for which reason that authority must bear in mind the considerations set forth above in the exercise of its functions, hereinafter”.

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