The Comptroller detected $872 million that did not comply with the law during the administration of Cathy Barriga in Maipú

“The Municipality of Maipú disbursed an amount of $872,502,849, in the payment of 46 service providers, however, it was not possible to verify if they carried out the tasks for which they were hired, because there were no backups with the background information that allow to determine, in each case, if the effective performance of the entrusted functions was fulfilled, a situation that does not comply with the provisions of article 55 of Decree Law No. 1,263, of 1975…”.

The Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) issued a report on the expenses of the Municipality of Maipú, in which it revealed high amounts of money disbursed in 2020 that do not comply with current legislation. The audit reviewed spending on overtime and fee contracts signed by the corporation, during the administration of the former mayor Cathy Barriga.

The report states that the municipality disbursed a total gross amount of $81,664,015 for the benefit called “Golden Years Bonus”, which was granted to 14 people hired on a fee basis. This, according to the results of the audit, is also not in accordance “with what is stated in opinion No. 25,694, of 2005, of the Comptroller General, since it is not appropriate to include a compensation clause for termination of services in a fee contract “.

The Comptroller detected $872 million that did not comply with the law during the administration of Cathy Barriga in Maipú

The Comptroller’s Office determined that there was payment to contracts at fees that also do not comply with the established norms. For example, “absences of the administrative act that authorizes the execution of overtime, arrears not discounted and paid, fee contracts without signature, and fee contracts not approved by an administrative act” were found.

During 2020, according to the CGR report, “there were differences between the number of overtime hours assigned by mayoral decree and those that were entered into the personnel assistance system.”

And it was also found that more than $40 million was disbursed to four people who presented medical leave during the year 2020, but that their fees were also paid in full.

The Comptroller’s Office resolved that “consequently, this communal body must, henceforth, adopt the control mechanisms that allow it to transfer to the assistance system exactly the number of overtime hours assigned in accordance with the provisions of the administrative act that designates them , complying with the provisions of the indicated regulations.

In addition, the audited entity “must instruct a disciplinary procedure tending to determine the possible administrative responsibilities that could derive from the represented situation”, reported the Comptroller.

Given the discrepancies described, the comptroller entity referred all the information to the Public Ministry.

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