Takeover bid for BAC shares going at a good pace

The Colombian Stock Exchange reactivates Amazon’s stock from Thursday

The split or division of shares that you have just carried out Amazon on the New York Stock Exchange had an effect on the country, since the Colombian Stock Exchange suspended and later reactivated its trading in the Colombian Global Market, since those who have acquired them have already been credited with the new number of titles.

(Trade between Colombia and Venezuela would close 2022 at US$1.2 billion).

The bvc said that “the transfer of the balance by the international custodian has already been carried out and that in the same way deceval (Centralized Securities Depository) made the respective entry into the account” to title holders.

On May 25, the Amazon shareholders’ meeting approved a split, a stock market instrument that splits the group’s shares, so that each old title is divided into 20 new ones and are more accessible to investors, since until Friday, June 3, one share of Amazon was $2,447 and as of the split, since there are now 20, the price is US$122.35 per title.

A split occurs when a company increases the number of its outstanding shares, seeking to increase its liquidity and for more investors to buy them. A company can split its shares several times, for example: 2 to 1 (2:1); 10 to 1 (10:1); 20 to 1 (20:1) like Amazon or more.

(Seven out of ten credits in Colombia are requested in low strata).

So the number of shares increases, the group capitalization It does not suffer any variation, since the price per share is divided and the participation of its shareholders is not affected either.


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