The city's urban cleaning company does not have an environmental license

The city’s urban cleaning company does not have an environmental license

March 28, 2023, 18:15 PM

March 28, 2023, 18:15 PM

Through a report requested by councilors Juan Carlos Medrano and Marcelo Vidaurre, the Governor confirmed that the Tiluchi Accidental Association does not have its respective environmental license. The legislators announced what they are considering filing another complaint against Emacruz for breach of duty.

In the document, issued in February of this year by the Government, the request for “know if the Tiluchi Accidental Association, Engineering and Final Disposal or the companies that comprise it: 1) Limpicruz SA, 2) Locar Saneamiento LTDA-Bolivia Branch and 3) Empresa de Engenharia Sanitaria e Construcoes Ltda-Bolivia Branch, cDo they have some kind of valid license? issued by its authority, detailing work or project activity, license granting date, start date of the process, validity and established conditions, if any”.

The Governor responds: “In this regard, it is reported that none of the aforementioned companies have an environmental license for the development of its activities as established by Law 1333, its regulations and related resolutions”.

Ricardo Oviedo, Emacruz Operations Manager, explained that “the urban cleaning companies Piraí and El Diez Ecolimpio, in addition to the landfill operating company, Tiluchi, in December, before the start of operations, they submitted their environmental license process before the competent environmental authority, that is, the Government, therefore, This license is currently being processed. This has been reported to the Municipal Council in response to a PIE, requested by the councilors of the Autonomous Community”.

However, in the same Government document this point can be clearly seen, when the councilors consult about whether “the Tiluchi Accidental Association and Final Disposal or the companies that comprise it: 1) Limpicruz SA 2) Locar Saneamiento Ltda – Bolivia Branch and 3) Empresa de Engenharia Sanitaria e Construcies Ltda – Bolivia Branch, are in some process of obtaining an environmental license in process”. Likewise, they ask that they be able to detail the activity, work and project and date of start of the process and if they have encountered any observation that is preventing their granting.

To which the Governor informs that, “of the companies referred to, (only) Limpicruz has submitted its request for environmental categorization through the Environmental Categorization Level Form, in the Jorori Environmental Licensing system”. The company submitted a form on December 23, 2022 under the activity, work or project called Solid Waste Final Disposal Service – Limpicruz Cleaning and Collection SA., and that it presents observations in its environmental categorization document.

For councilor Marcelo Vidaurre This document reveals two clear aspects. The first is that the Tiluchi urban cleaning company does not have an environmental license to carry out these operations in the city and it is not pending. And the second, is that the outgoing company that offered the same service has not closed its environmental file.

None of the urban cleaning companies have an environmental license, nor is there a process started. While Vega Solví has ​​not closed its environmental license either, which entails an inspection to corroborate or rule out any environmental damage. They have allowed operations to close without having canceled the environmental license”he remarked.

The document explains that the legal representative of the company Vega Solví should notify and inform to the competent departmental environmental authority about the cessation of activities corresponding to the Technical Legal management before this authority and that it has not done so.

It also says that Emacruz must instruct you to comply under the referred contract.

According to Vidaurre, andThey are analyzing expanding the complaint against Emacruz or raising a new one for breach of duties, since it is about serious misconduct that threaten public health and the environment.

“We still don’t know whether to expand the process we already have against Emacruz or if we open a new process, for breach of duty. But we need even more information,” Vidaurre stressed.

For the legislator, Emacruz is in the hands of people who are aware of these facts and would be causing damage to the city. “This only confirms that (the contracted companies) do not have the slightest idea of ​​what garbage treatment is, They only have construction experience.”

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