The Circus 🎪 |  Bonilla aspirationist, Tatiana snubbed and CDMX division

The Circus 🎪 | Magic tricks, Morelos jumps and strongmen in Acapulco


The strong men of money, bankers tell them, are partying. After in 2021 they had to hold their big annual party remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they will now celebrate again with their audience on March 24 and 25, when they hold their 85 Convention. The news that this event will be confirmed in person falls like a glove to the port of Acapulco, the city that will host the event, and that now has the opportunity to host an act of relevance for the economy of the port. The great dilemma that opens up is whether the spotlight of the show will be on the issues that the bank wants to promote in this convention: the cybersecurity, the digitization and the climate change, because they tell us that more than one trapeze artist will want to do stunts to reveal what is happening with the sale of Banamex. Undoubtedly, the party of the strong bankers is on and now all that is needed is for the tamer of the function to be prepared to stop any surprise, lest it be that in light of the future revocation consultation, some guest of honor will be happen to threaten to release the tiger, as in that banking convention of 2018.

The Circus 🎪 | Magic tricks, Morelos jumps and strongmen in Acapulco

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