The Circus 🎪 |  Bonilla aspirationist, Tatiana snubbed and CDMX division

The Circus 🎪| Letters for the FGR, an advance in Edomex and a deadlock in the Senate


In it Senate there’s a jam in one of the many star selections for headlining acts. It is expected that next week the selection process of two new INAI commissioners (National Institute for Access to Information), after their period ended on April 31 Oscar Guerra Ford Y Rosendoevgueni Monterrey; however, given the attention to issues such as the revocation of the mandate and the reform of the Mining Law, this process was postponed and what was expected to have it ready in the first half of April was not achieved and, now, the senatorial tent It has to process these appointments against the clock because the ordinary period ends on April 30. Thus, with time running out, the senators are considering the possibility of overturning the path they have trodden – despite the fact that from a list of 48 applicants they reached the semifinal stage of achieving the selection of 13 profiles, seven women and six men. This is due to the fact that the two favorites of the 4T of the rude wing for those dressing rooms did not remain on the list: it is about Ricardo Leon Caraveoformer technical secretary of the then governor of Tabasco, Adam Augusto Lopez –now head of Segob–, who was rejected precisely because of that closeness, and another who was on the list but could not win because he did not get the best score in the interviews: Julio Cesar Bonillaformer president of the Transparency Institute of Mexico City and identified as close to Rene Bejarano, with which it is unlikely that it will arrive. The audience in the tents wonders: if that’s how they get jobs in institutions that don’t interest them, how are they going to get jobs that do interest them.

The Circus 🎪| Letters for the FGR, an advance in Edomex and a deadlock in the Senate

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