The Circus ? |  Bonilla aspirationist, Tatiana snubbed and CDMX division

The Circus ?| Function in the White Tent, substitutes in Edomex and Bonilla reloaded


trapeze artist Jaime Bonilla left the comfort of his offices in Baja California and showed up at the senate tent seeking to be given the opportunity to take possession of his seat, with all that that implies. It is worth explaining what happened to the trapeze artist’s life: in 2018, Bonilla was elected senator, but left that position to seek governorship of Baja California; In 2019, he was victorious in that entity and served as state president from 2019 to 2021 – it should be remembered that he wanted to extend his term, but the law prevented it. The interesting thing is that since the position of senator implies a six-year stage, the Moreno businessman also wants to return to the position he left in 2019. Bonilla’s attempt to return to the tent that he left was so disconcerting that his former defender, Olga Sanchez Cordero, aired this Wednesday that he personally asked him not to appear in the Senate. What is clear to those who cover the acts of the cameral circus is that recovering the seat would offer Bonilla the safety net called legislative jurisdiction, important for anyone who wants to protect themselves from an unexpected downfall in the future.

The Circus ?| Function in the White Tent, substitutes in Edomex and Bonilla reloaded

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