The Circus 🎪 |  Bonilla aspirationist, Tatiana snubbed and CDMX division

The Circus 🎪 | Big feature unattended, Adam on the trapeze and Ken the cowboy


In full character of the bailiff who arrives at the scene, the American ambassador Ken Salazar He appeared this Wednesday at the National Palace. About three hours after the Palace Tamer accused in the morning function that there are foreign companies and governments, such as the United States, that “lobby” before the Legislative Power and with the Judicial Power in energy matters, the bailiff-representative entered the scene (obviously wearing his characteristic hat) in supervisory character. Just last Thursday, the Domador received John Kerry, special envoy for Climate, but after it was reported that they had agreed on a monitoring commission for the electricity reform, the Palace boss said that his government is not “submissive or submissive” . The interesting thing is that after a dozen visits to the Palace, on this occasion there was no official communication, no card or tweet that related what happened in the hour and a quarter that Salazar remained inside the icing tent. As the classic would say: “not giving a signal is giving a signal”.

The Circus 🎪 | Big feature unattended, Adam on the trapeze and Ken the cowboy

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