The Circus 🎪 |  Bonilla aspirationist, Tatiana snubbed and CDMX division

The Circus 🎪 | Alito trapeze artist, Herrera juggler and El Mimo EPN


Quieter than a mime of the tents, but yes with the smile of the one who walks among the luxuries of those who invest millions, the former trapeze artist has remained Enrique Pena Nieto being located in Spain, a country to which it is presumed he has transferred part of his fortune to achieve a credential called “golden visa”, which is granted to those who invest at least one million Euros. The tricolor mime, who was known in his stage of stand up comedy for monologues such as “The White House belongs to the lady” and “The master scam”, he has denied since 2019 that he resides in Spain, but for his close former collaborators it is more than clear that that country is natural to him, since he could not move in some English-speaking site, because when he started with the “In-fres-truc-to-chor” thing, he would be an immediate candidate for a “golden deportation”.

The Circus 🎪 | Alito trapeze artist, Herrera juggler and El Mimo EPN

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