The Cicpc captured two defendants for a murder

The Cicpc captured two defendants for a murder

The Cicpc captured two subjects accused of participating in the murder of Wuilinton José Berrio Ruiz (21), who was killed last July 4 in Santa Cruz del Este, Las Minas de Baruta, Baruta municipality, Miranda state.

According to what was reported through the Instagram of the scientific police, the detainees are registered as Álvaro José López (26) and Teddys Manuel Flores Escorche (26).

Two others accused of participating in the crime have yet to be captured: Leomar Alexander Yeguez Florez (26) and Darwin José Guilarte Rojas (26), members of the El Darwin gang.

The day of the incident, the five men were together and an argument arose between them, which Darwin José took advantage of to shoot Wuilinton several times, a situation that caused his death after being admitted to a health center.


In another event, the body of a man of approximately 23 years of age was rescued on Saturday from the Caño Amarillo creek. They presume that they beat him to death and then threw his body into that stream of water that runs through the aforementioned sector of the 23 de Enero parish, Caracas. The autopsy revealed that the young man died of a skull fracture, according to police sources.

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