The Church has no interest in making the rulers look bad, but rather that things be done well

The Church has no interest in making the rulers look bad, but rather that things be done well

August 21, 2022, 11:42 AM

August 21, 2022, 11:42 AM

“What interest does the Church have in making someone or the rulers look bad? What interest does the Church have in that? NoneThis was stated by Monsignor René Leigue in his Sunday homily on August 21, where he stated that the Church wants things to be done well and that is what it shows. “The Church evaluates, the Church is in the midst of those who need then those unjust things that exist,” she stressed.

The Archbishop of Santa Cruz clarified that the Catholic Church she suggests, he thinks, but he will never impose, because there are authorities that work on it. “But it is the Lord who invites us to do things well and what the Church does is call to fulfill the Word of God, do what it says. The Church is all of us,” he noted.

The religious stated that he never seeks wanting to do harm to others, only aims to demand what corresponds: “demand justice, demand that corruption decreases, demand that people stop doing harm, but it is simply to announce the gospel of the Lord”.

“We cannot remain silent in the face of all the problems that exist, to all the injustice,” he said. Y exemplified the situation with the case of imprisonment of a bishop in Nicaragua (Monsignor Rolando Álvarez). “So many injustices that exist today, in Nicaragua many things are happening (…) I think that we, as people of faith, cannot allow all this; we have to pray, ask the Lord, but also think how are we? ANDLet’s also value the situations we live“, he added.

Leigue urged do things right, strive every day, be consistent, love God and love your neighbor. RHe remembered that there are people who are discarded, discarded – as Pope Francis says, but they are occupying the first place for God and this is because they are doing things well, doing the right things, but they are not always seen in the first place ; yet they are close to the Lord.

Later he recalled that this Sunday, August 21, is commemorated the Catechist’s Day and maintained that some are not always understood, sometimes in their homes, in the family, but it is the Lord who has called them, who sends them.

“To the one who does it from the heart, the Lord will give him strength, It will give you that strength to move forward, It will give him that wisdom to be close to children, young people, the elderly. Catechists are fundamental in the Church, that’s why we want there to be more people, more young people still committed, he concluded.

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