The changes that 2023 brings: increase in the minimum wage, VAT, tolls and others

2023 will bring several changes for Chileans, an increase in the minimum wage, readjustment of the country’s tolls, the extension of the extension of the identity cells is over, among other measures.

Minimum wage

The New Year brings a $10,000 increase in the minimum wage, so the final amount will be $410,000.

Since May 2022 it had already increased from $350,000 to $380,000, then in August this figure reached $400,000. However, the law determined that annual inflation of 7% would trigger a new increase.

From January 1, 2023, all professional services began to be taxed with VAT, according to Law 21,420.

The exemptions that already existed for natural persons who issue fee receipts remain in force, in addition to the other services already exempted in the Sales and Services Tax Law.

In the latter are passenger transport, education, outpatient health services and the income of professional societies.

Identity cards

Due to the pandemic, the validity of expired identity cards was extended, however, as of January 1, the extension ended.

Currently, more than a million of these documents have already expired or are close to doing so. However, the IDs that expired between January and February 2020, 2021 and 2022, their identifications are valid until the same day and month of 2023.


As of Sunday, the new toll rates began to apply in Chile, which translates into a readjustment of 6.7% compared to 2022. In the same way, in July there will be another increase of the same figure.

“It is equivalent to the rise that occurred in urban highways last year, but much less than what occurred in the rest of the country’s highways,” said the Minister of Public Works, Juan Carlos García.

new covid measures

Product of the new coronavirus outbreak in China and the appearance of the Ómicron BF.7 variant led the Ministry of Health to implement changes: all travelers coming from China must undergo a PCR or antigen test to enter Chile.

Similarly, the authority will increase random tests at all border crossings for those coming from international destinations.

One my

Finally, the National Emergency Office (Onemi) will become the National Disaster Prevention and Response Service (Senapred).

This new body will have legal personality and its own assets, its main functions will be to advise, coordinate, organize, plan and supervise activities related to Disaster Risk Management (DRM).

Likewise, its first and second hierarchical level will be appointed by the Senior Public Management System, recognizing its strategic importance.

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